Welcome To Our Frequently Asked Questions Page. Here We Try To Have Answers For You From The Most Commonly Asked Questions.

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What Is Weave Got Gifts?

Weave Got Gifts is our website owned by the Weaver family! We have got loads of gifts and something here for everyone. We got tired of the same crap being sold in stores, much which is over priced. We decided to start producing products that the world really wants! We also offer many custom products that we will customize the way you want them to be personalized!

How Long Does It Take To Get My Product?

Typically it takes around 1 weeks for your product to be created and then shipped. Shipping Typically takes around 1 week in transit. Expect 1-2 weeks on average to get your order.

What If My Item Is Lost In The Mail?

These packages from our business come with mail that has insurance with it typically. You are able to make a claim yourself online and the mail carrier would refund you once you show proof of the damage that happened in transit

I Got The Wrong Item

Getting the wrong item can happen, although it is very rare. Reach out to us and we can help you if this happens. Please be prepared to send us as much proof as possible for this.

Where Is Our Business Located?

We are located right in the midwest, in the heartland of the United States.

How Can I Contact You?

You can contact us via email at WeaveGotGifts@gmail.com or you can click here to contact us on our Facebook page!

What Kind Of Products Do We Offer?

We offer many different kinds of products! We offer thousands of products ranging from T-shirts, home wall décor, coffee mugs and so much more! Just browse our website, you will find something you love!

How Can I Stay Updated With Your Latest Products?

Aside from coming to visit our website as often as you can, you can also follow us on our Facebook page where we continue to post all of our products, new ones as well as ones you may not of seen yet! Follow us on our Facebook Page, click here!

Do We Offer Customized Products?

We are happy you asked! We do now offer customized products that we customize with your own images and text! Visit our Custom Products page here!

How Can I Make A Purchase?

You can simply visit any product here on our website, and follow the checkout process, we are not able to take payment information any other way besides the secure payment forms such as paypal, and credit card processors through our secure website.