Life is a journey, filled with twists, turns, challenges, and triumphs. Along this path, it’s easy to become impatient or anxious about the future. We may feel the urge to take control and write our own story, but it’s essential to remember that there’s a higher power guiding our narrative. The phrase “God is still writing your story, stop trying to steal the pen” beautifully encapsulates this sentiment.


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Embracing the Unknown:

  • Life often leads us down unexpected paths. These twists and turns may feel disorienting, but they are an integral part of our growth and development. Embracing the unknown allows us to learn, adapt, and become better versions of ourselves.

Trust the Process:

  • Just as an author carefully plans each chapter of a book, the divine plan for our lives unfolds with purpose and precision. Trusting this process can be challenging, especially when faced with adversity, but it’s during these times that we often experience the most profound growth.

Let Go of Control:

  • Trying to control every aspect of our lives can lead to stress and anxiety. Instead, we can find peace in surrendering control to a higher power. It doesn’t mean we stop making choices; it means we trust that our choices align with a greater plan.

Patience and Faith:

  • Patience and faith are key virtues on this journey. Understanding that our story is still being written requires us to have faith in the unseen chapters that lie ahead. It’s a reminder that we don’t have to have all the answers now.

Overcoming Challenges:

  • Challenges and obstacles are inevitable in life. However, these are opportunities for personal growth and resilience. When faced with difficulties, remember that they are part of your story’s narrative, not the conclusion.

Writing Our Legacy:

  • Our actions, choices, and relationships contribute to the legacy we leave behind. By focusing on living with purpose and integrity, we can ensure that our story is one of love, compassion, and positive impact.

Finding Peace:

  • Surrendering the pen and trusting in a higher power can bring a sense of peace and contentment. It allows us to let go of the burdens of self-doubt and worry, knowing that our story is in capable hands. Visit PlansWithJesus.com

In moments of uncertainty or when we feel the urge to take control, it’s helpful to reflect on the wisdom of the phrase “God is still writing your story, stop trying to steal the pen.” It serves as a gentle reminder that our lives are part of a greater narrative, one that unfolds with divine purpose. By embracing the journey, having faith, and letting go of the need for control, we can find peace and fulfillment in the pages that lie ahead.

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